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Fashion Forward Women Shaving head Bald

Fashion follower always tries to be on style path, no matter what they have to do. Every year lots of women shaving head bald due to many different reasons, but one main reason is fashion. Many women suggested their friends to shave their head completely once in life time, not only to feel the real difference between head full of head and bald head; but also to embrace you without head frame. It’s indeed a difficult decision to go without hair but if you are bold enough then it won’t be a hard job for you.

no hair cute girl

Kick out some misconception About shaved head women

There are a lot of misconceptions about shaved head. Whenever women think of trying this style, they have to face all or some of these. Today, I am here to kick them out of your life. Know what these are and how to deal with them in a better way.

Women look less feminine

If you think that  way then it’s time to rethink. Your hair doesn’t make you female, they only add beauty to your overall persona. Going without hair doesn’t mean you look like a man. You lips, eyes, face cut , body shape and lot more other factors make you look feminine. It’s indeed important for you to start thinking with a new concept instead of going with a classic unaccepted concept of bald head women.

look cool without hair

Women become less sexually attractive

If you think that you look average or completely unattractive sexually then you are simply mistaken. It is not the case. Women empowerment doesn’t depend on hair and keep this thing in your mind whenever such discouraging thoughts enter into your mind. You are what you are, no matter you have hair on head or not. Don’t let your hair to control your thoughts, they are just a part of your face.

beautiful bald women

This Style might not suit everyone

Many women have a lot of question when they are going to shaved their head. Do I have an attractive jawline? Is my face cut perfect for this style? If you think that some women look beautiful with shaved head and you won’t then again you are on the wrong path. Try to think big and out of traditional well. We all have some facial features that make us different than others. Every person is not the same, so one style might not look same on everyone; since we have different features.An it doesn’t mean that one style won’t look great  all. If you want to know whether one style suits you or not, all you need to embrace it at first place.

chic woman with buzz cut

Women shaving head bald enjoy many benefits such as:

  • No need to spend a lot of time on hair styling tools, you are free to go out without even thinking about your style because you have one definite style that make you look awesome.
  • Money saving, no need to buy hair styling cream, gel and products.
  • No maintenance required, you don’t need to do hair dresser appointments after four or six weeks.
  • Experience style diversity is a big plus. When hair starts growing then you can try bit more styles such as hair tattoos designs, buzz cut, pixie, short bob and a lot more.
  • No dandruff and itching issues.
  • Enjoy summer with style, feel fresh air in a way that you never experienced in your whole life.
  • Look bold and beautiful with a bit extra charm.

Get Style inspiration from 10 Celebrities

I know you won’t be convinced until you see top celebrities with completely shaved head. It’s indeed good to take inspiration from them. Before you start exploring bald head ideas, I want to make another thing clear. Sometimes, women think that every kind of hairstyle and fashion can suit to celebrities as they are stars and they are really special in many respects. Celebrities are indeed special but they are women like us. So, don’t caught yourself up in any kind of inferiority complex. If a celebrity can pull off bald fashion then of course you also can, you are not an ordinary person. Are you?

1.Amber Rose

Amber rose without hair

Image via

2.Natalia Portman

Nataliaq Portman movie hairstyle

Image via

3.Megan Fox

megan fox cool bald head look


ripley short haircut

Image via

5.Jessica Alba

jessica alba without hair

Image via

6.Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez hairstyle

7.Britney spears

Britney spears look cool with shaved head

Image via

8.Cynthia Nixon

Cynthia nixon hair fashion

Image via

9.Jessie J

Jessi J cool bald head

Image via

10.Agyness Deyn

agyness dyen buzz cut

Image via

I’m sure now you have changed your mind about women shaving head bald. If you still have some confusion or question, then feel free to ask. I would be more than happy to answer your queries or end some sort of confusion.

Would you like to shave your head this year? You can also make this style a part of your 2016 New Year resolution. In this way, you will have almost 3 months to think a bit more about it. Enough time to think!

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