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5 Stunning Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes Tutorials

Want to do  perfect eye makeup for brown eyes?I suggest you to check 5 tutorials which will make it really simple for you to make your brown eyes pop in a way you always want. Every tutorial let you play with specific colors. Every single step of makeup is brought into light just to make your makeup task quite simple and hassle free. So, Let’s start checking them now.

Tutorial No.1 Sparkling Plum-Blue Eye Makeup 

brown eye makeup tutorial

Plum looks simply amazing when mix with sparkling blue eyeshadow. This color combination is not only unique but also very appealing. So, try it now.

How to do:

  1. Apply light peach eyeshadow on your upper lid close to your highlighter area.Blend it well also close to lower lash line. Make a prominent outer-V of your eyes with dark black eyeshadow.
  2. Take sparkling blue eyeshadow and fill middle area of upper lid with it.
  3. Apply light plum eyeshadow next to blue shade. Don’t spread it too much.
  4. Pick silver glitter and apply it on your inner-V area of eyes.
  5. Fill waterline with white eye pencil.Apply winged style eyeliner and double coat of black eye mascara.

Tutorial No.2 Dark Blue Smoky Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

makeup for brown eyes

Many girls say that it is really hard to do smoky eye makeup. Well, it is not really hard task. All you need to focus on some important points and follow basic steps given below.

How to Do:

  1. Apply white highlighter on your crease and above crease of eyes. Blend it with soft eye makeup brush.
  2. Use vibrant blue eyeshadow and spread it on your upper lid in a smooth and clear way. You don’t need to apply it on inner corner of eyes. Make clear cut outer-V of your eyes with this shade.
  3. Define your crease with dark black eye liner.
  4. Smudge your black crease line with black eyeshadow.
  5. Apply bronze eyeshadow next to black crease line.
  6. Use silver highlighter on inner-V area of your eyes corner.
  7. It’s time to add enticing touch to your eyes, apply Arabic winged style eyeliner.
  8. Fill waterline with black kohl.
  9. Apply black eye mascara just to give final touch to your beautiful eye makeup.

Tutorial No.3 Celebrity Like Smoky Eyes

beautiful makeup for brown eyes

We all get inspiration from celebrity makeup and it is indeed good; because you can find out many different makeup ideas. We know that looks of celebrity are quite different as they try unique style for makeup. If you want to get celebrity like makeup, then check this brown eye makeup tutorial now.

How to Do:

  1. Use your black eyeliner and create a thick winged on outer-V area of your eyes. You also need to define lower and upper lashline with matte eye pencil or eyeliner.
  2. Blend this V with the mean of black eyeshadow.
  3. Define eye crease with a bit of dark black eyeshadow. Blend it well.
  4. Now fill inside area of V on upper lid with off-white eyeshadow.
  5. With the mean of white eye pencil, you need to draw a line next to your black eyeliner. This line should be angled.
  6. Draw another white pencil line that connects outer V area with lower lash line. Fill line with white eyeshadow or simply with white eye pencil.
  7. Fill waterline with dark black eye pencil.
  8. Use aqua blue eyeshadow and blend it just below your black lower lash line.
  9. Pick your liquid eyeliner and then define upper and lower lashline areas. Apply eye mascara at the end just to give this stunning makeup a final touch.

Tutorial No.4 Green and black Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

natural eye makeup for brown eyes


Playing with colors is my hobby, when it comes to makeup. We all use normal eyeshadow such as pink, peach, yellow, etc for brown eyes but we hardly go for light green shade that can do the real magic on your eyes. So, why don’t you give it a try?

How to Do:

  1. Define your crease with black eye pencil. You also need to create a wing connected with crease.
  2. Smudge this crease line with black eyeshadow.
  3. Apply purple eyeshadow next to your crease line. Add sparkling yellow eyeshadow on your eyes inner corners.
  4. Use light green eyeshadow on your upper lid.
  5. Now make winged style eyeliner with black eye pencil.
  6. Define your lower lash line and inner eye corners with black pencil.
  7. Apply silver highlighter on above crease eye area.
  8. Use one coat of black eye mascara for this pretty eye makeup.

Tutorial No.5 Sparkling Green Eye Makeup

dramatic makeup ideas

When you want to get ready for a party then you always want to look special. It is possible when you choose good eyeshadow and follow this guide.

How to Do:

  1. Apply sparkling green eyeshadow (I suggest you to use MAC eyeshadow). Leave your outer corner as it is.
  2. Make a clear V on your outer corner with a dark green eyeshadow. Add sparkle to inner-V corner of eyes with the application of yellow eyeshadow.
  3. Define beauty of lower lashline with dark black eye pencil. Use black eyeshadow for adding glam touch to your outer-V corner of eyes.
  4. Apply soft brown eyeshadow on crease and above crease eye area.
  5. Give this makeup a final touch by applying black winged style liquid eyeliner along with double coat of eye mascara. Fill waterline with black kohl.

Important Tips

  • Before you try any of these tutorials, you should make your eyes ready for makeup. Apply foundation and base, do face contouring and highlighting.
  • Don’t forget to hide your under eye dark circles with bright tone of eye concealer.
  • Always use a soft eye makeup brush for blending.
  • Use silver or white for eye highlighting purpose.
  • Use false eye lashes when you want to add dramatic touch to your eyes.

I have highlighted 5 amazing tutorials of eye makeup for brown eyes. Every guide is simple and easy-to-follow. So, try any of these and share your experience with me.

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