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Opt for Dazzling Engagement party hairstyles

Your friend has called you to tell that she has been engaged with the person she loved the most and now they are going to tie an official knot, in front of all loved ones, to get started with this new relation. You are excited about this event and want to make the best of it by contributing in the preparing of stage, venue and everything. But you are also concerned for your outfit as well as makeover; it’s hard to choose a theme which is right for the event.

There was a time when all friends of bride used to wear the same style of outfits for unity and love. Now the time has changed a lot and everyone just wants to dress in a different style and in a unique manner.  And there is nothing wrong with it because when you don different styled outfits you look better- wearing the same colored outfits gives an impression of college uniform. Different people drive different meanings from the same styled clothing, the good thing is to come up in the event in your own style and be yourself truly.

Out of many concerns, one of the most common would be picking one hairdo out of tens of engagement party hairstyles because there are some braids which may or may not suit your hair type and there are some waves which may make you to appear a bit overbold for the theme of the event. Therefore, it is necessary that you pick the right style, one that can go right with the event and its over-all setting.

I personally believe that engagement party hairstyles must have three of the most important features which are explained below:

 Simplicity and Sleekness:

When you get a hairdo done by a saloon make sure it is simple and nice.  You can request the stylist to do a type of hair which can make you look appropriate in your friend’s engagement rather than overstated.

I hope you will be ale to notice the beauty of this style. The perfect use of accent has made it even more graceful than it is in its simple form.

Engagement Party hairstyles (1)

The headband is available at a cheap price these days. Adorn it on your simple tail to beautify your long, lush blonde hair.Engagement Party hairstyles (2)

Use of Accent:

Use one piece of nice hair accessory to adorn your engagement party hairstyle and make sure that the article is not heavy or is looking like a bridal hair accessory or you will end up looking like an extra fancy guest.

Engagement Party hairstyles (3)

This has volume in it. So if you have long, thick hair this is an updo for your hair. There isn’t much effort involved in the making because creating a messy effect is rather easy than complicated braiding.

Engagement Party hairstyles (4)

Life of the style:

It is common for girls to have messy hairdo but sometimes it happens that they get a braid done which looks perfect in the beginning but as the party rolls on their hair loops starting coming off due to poorly fixed bobby pins or lack of styling spray. There is a life for every engagement party hairstyle, for instance, the ring braid will not stay for four hours even if it done in the right manner.

Engagement Party hairstyles (5)

Choose a hairdo which can last for many hours and is easy to maintain just in case it is by chance messed up during the dance party.

Some loose curls can be teamed up with the crown braiding on the engagement party.

Engagement Party hairstyles (6)Backcombing has not gone out of fashion as yet, doing it is more important when you have hair with very thick texture.
Engagement Party hairstyles (7)

Beautiful Accents on Chignons:

Don’t even think that century old rolls and chignons have gone out of the trends because they are coming back. The forehead moon has been replaced with the ring though, it is still as compelling today as it was years ago.


Engagement Party hairstyles (8)

Fairy Tale Inspired:

Who does not like Cindrella and Barbie, no matter what your age is you cannot forget your favorite roles of the fantasy stories. How about becoming your own character this time by wearing nice hair waves inspired by the fantasy girls of the old cartoon series.

Engagement Party hairstyles (9)

Queen of Your Own World:

The use of right tiara along with some glamors  rings and jewelry would perfectly  make a pair with your party makeover. The hair can be kept short and simple, just set some rolls and set them free for the sake of your own grace and be a wonderland’s queen.
Engagement Party hairstyles (10)

Multi-tiered Updo:

I don’t think you still need to find the perfect updo for your very long hair. Just intricate weaving of hair into hair will create this compact party hairstyle.Engagement Party hairstyles (11)

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