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Elegant Wedding Hairstyles for Red Haired Brides

Wedding is a special day for you and your groom and for those who will attend it.  It’s not hard to guess that you want to look your best on this special day because your dream will come true and you would finally be in someone’s patronage- one with whom you will share your love, grief and everything for the rest of your life. 

Though I don’t want to write a long debate on how elegant wedding hairstyles can transform one’s appearance from ordinary to extraordinary to outstanding. It’s just that you have to pick the right one and then need to figure out the ways to adorn it, for getting more compelling, not just for the mirrors but for everyone who will visit the venue to get a glance of you.

Colored Hair Tribulation: 

Sometimes it’s good to dye your hair in black or brown but it should be considered as a strict rule, especially if you don’t have any desire to change your dye color. Or when you already have a nice color in place which is impressive enough to catch attention. Forget what others are suggesting you or trying to convince you- everyone has their own opinions and it’s your day, your freedom to either accept or reject new ideas.

Red Hair Styling:

Believe it or not, red hair can also be styled in many different ways just like black and brown. If the hair color is changed or a bit different it does not mean it should be cut down. On the contrary, you can beautify it by tweaking with it, for instance a little blonde or gold will enhance the shade, not only that it will also magnify the gloss on each hair strand that you will look wonderful with it.

Elegant wedding Hairstyles:

I am sharing some nice ideas which will astonish you and inspire you from the core because each and every stitch is very noticeable in it. These styles are worth-praising not for their patterns but also for the quality of the color. Mind that the brides did not choose to have their natural hair color cut downed, instead they had it improved. There are some good dyes which add a transparent base color on your natural shade instead of changing it. Try those to enhance your natural shade.

Some other procedures that you can try to improve condition of the hair follicles are as follows;

Protein treatment

Hair Bonding

Essential Oil Massages on weekly basis before wedding


Time to Explore five elegant wedding hairstyles I have picked for you:

High Updo with chignons and accent

Elegant updo wedding chignon

Half hair done in chignons and half are set free in form of curls
elegant wedding hairstyles

The back updo is paired with the front crown braid

elegant wedding updo idea 2015

Free style tight coils are set in style to make a side-swept style

side-swept wedding chignon idea

Ring Braiding in the tail

Small section of hair is rolled and pinned up for making big, textured rings. Two accents are pinned up for completing the style in a professional manner.
wedding braid with curls


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