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Dyson Hair Dryer Supersonic Review: Quick Dryer with Zero Heat Damage

Every girl likes to own a hair dryer which offers less damage to her hair and bring great volume. Indeed, Dyson hair dryer is a product she is looking for. I preferred it over a wide variety of dryers just because it is silent and doesn’t damage my hair at all. I used to dry my hair daily since I’m a working woman and has to go out every day.  So, I need a product which is quick and less damaging for my hair. Therefore, I selected hair dryer by Dyson.

Dyson hair dryer amazonHow I selected it?

A quick look at dryer collection makes you a bit confused. You don’t know what to buy and what to skip. In such case, I always suggest my friends to read the customer reviews. Only a customer can tell you whether all the claims related to products are truthful or not;whether it shows the same features or not. What are the pros and cons of particular hair dryer and related things. A complete analysis of a new product is easily be done when you thoroughly read reads. I read Dyson hair dryer amazon reviews first, since I buy from Amazon all the time. After that I read Best Buy customers reviews. I spent a few hours on reading but this time surfing let me decide about a genuine hair dryer product i.e. Dyson Supersonic hair dryer.

Dyson Hair Dryer Supersonic (Iron/Fuchsia) Pros

Now I would like to share all those features which grab my attention toward this product.Dyson hair dryer review

No more heat damage

All girls like to use hair styling tools especially a dryer. But what prevents them using them on daily basis is the damage caused by heat. Thanks to well-designed Dyson hair dryer, this problem has been solved  to a great extent. Air temperature is measured 20 times every second when you turn on it. This constant measures keep the temperature under control. Therefore, risk of hair damage due to heat becomes negligible.

Silent Hair dryer

One thing which you really don’t like about a normal hair dryer is its sound. Thanks to Dyson intelligent engineers, you don’t have to feel annoyed anymore. The reason is that you will get a dryer which completes its work without making a noise. Isn’t it a very cool feature? Actually, I love this idea of noise-free dryer.

Ultra Fast Drying

This dryer maintains my hair shine. Working with this dryer is so easy. I had a Panasonic dryer before it and it always took me 30 minutes to do hair drying job. But now I have Dyson supersonic dryer which usually dry my hair in 6 to 7 minutes. You would get fast and high velocity airflow that dries your hair quickly and keep your hair shine intact.

No more Arm Ache

One problem girls often face with a hair dryer is that they need to hold it for long time and this also cause arm ache. Dyson company understands this problem and bring a solution by changing the overall hair dryer design. Motor is put in the handle and thereby you get a balanced product which doesn’t put any kind of pressure on hands.

Problem with Supersonic Hair Dryer Dyson hair dryer price review features amazon

Although it is a great hair styling product but it has a shortcoming. The price of Dyson hair dryer is more as compared to other dryers available in the market. If you are a person who needs professional kind of dryer that brings speed with amazing features then it is the best match. Although you can find inexpensive alternative to this product but you will never able to grab the same features as offered by this product. Hair damage due to heat is so common since temperature balance option is not available with other dryers. You can’t afford to put your hair at stake just because you want to save money. Isn’t it? When you need quality and ultimate hair protection then price of this dryer doesn’t seem like a big thing.

Moreover, Dyson supersonic dryer totally worthy its price. For every extra penny you pay, you get a product which will cause no damage to your hair and maintain the natural hair shine.

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Dyson hair Dryer Supersonic Features:

You will get a chance to avail following features with this product.

  •  4 heat settings
  • 3 airflow settings
  •  a cold sho
  •  ionizer
  •  a removable filter at the bottom of the dryer that notifies you when it needs to be cleaned
  •  a professional-length nine-feet power cord
  •  a two-year warranty on parts and labor.
  • Magnetic Attachments: Smoothing nozzle, Styling concentrator, and Diffuser + Non-slip mat & Storage hanger



Now you have read Dyson hair dryer reviews, which unlock its main features with pros/cons. This professional hair product allows you to dry your hair in a very quick manner. Though it is an expensive product but it would be really tiresome to search a product with the same features as hair dryer by Dyson has. Need the best quality hair dryer in the market? It’s time to end your search and consider this well-designed dryer.

Dyson hair dryer where to buy?

Now If you have made your mind and want to buy this product then just click here and place your order at amazon. I prefer amazon since it always offers the best customer care service and I got free shipping on an order of above $25 most of the time. On special days like Christmas, Halloween, New year, etc  I can save money through promotional offers and discount. So, I suggest my friend to follow my path and save some bucks. You can buy from amazon or try some other retailers. Choice is completely yours.


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