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Different Types of Eyeliner Styles

I have always tried to come up with different types of eyeliner styles but I am glad that I don’t have to work much on this part because the makeup artists are making it easy for me already. We all learn to put on the liner along the upper eyelids at one or another point of our life-especially when we grow enough to wear makeup to the school and college. When we step into puberty we try to learn more of makeup techniques just to look beautiful, nice and more beautiful.

Let’s Make New Rules:

The normal technique of applying the liner is using a pencil or kohl and making a line along the upper lid. The real task is pulling the same light up, down or in a pointed direction to make a wing, which is not easy. If you have luckily applied a sleek line, in the best way, you will not be able to the same exact line on the other eye because it needs a lot of practice. What about breaking the rules and following something new.  Let’s not forget that new trends are set forward by those who have brainstorming ideas in all aspects of life.

I am sharing some different types of eyeliner styles which are far different from the traditional styles we have seen. The application must not be restricted in drawing two lines only, it can be improvised in many different ways by using your creativity, talent and passion for makeup.

Let’s get started!

Three-tiered style:

It is done in three steps. The first layer is that of conventional style and second two steps are created like a ladder to style the liner in a different way. You can fill it with different shade of glittery gel if you wish to. Yellow-gold candy glitter is used to fill the space between the ladder and then the same is used on the lower lid.

Three tiered eyeliner style

Afro-Style Sun Style:

Afro-american women are famous not only for their haircuts but also for their fashion sense. The style shown below is different in its own way, eyes have given an impression of smoky effect without using eyeshadows or anything else. The rule of making the rays is that you make short or thin lines as you draw from the inner corner. The thickness of the base line should be three times double than the ordinary eyeliner.
Afro sun eyeliner style

Vertical Spirals:

The black pencil is used artistically to make spirals over the head, starting from the point where the flick is created.

Vertical Spiral eyeliner style

Creased Curved Eyeliner Style:

This should be classified under the category of abstract liner art. You can see a harmony between both lines-one on the crease and the second right below the lower lid.

Smokey Creased-cat eyeliner

Off the limit Eyeliner:

Just have a look at it and guess what does it look like? My best guess is that the inner shades are like fan, they are dark though they have fairly nice texture. The liner is used outside the eyebrows, it’s like all the rules have been ignored during this makeover but it’s what we call creativity.

off-boundary eyeliner style

Music Beat style:

If you keep an extraordinary taste in music and beats, this style will be more complimentary with your personality.
Music beat eyeliner style

Old Hollywood Thick Flicks:

She is presenting centuries old thick winged style.  All you need to do is just draw some semi-straight lines around the crease and make them thicker from the corners.

Modern style eyeliner

Ordinary Cat:

This style is ordinary and simple, we can do it with ease. No extra skills are required.
Glam cat eyeliner

Disco Style Eyeliner:

The eyebrows are tainted golden and a decal is added on the upper lids over the line drawn by black kohl.

disco punk eyeliner style

Arabic Inspired Eyeliner:

Though there are no visibly dark shades filled it between the flicks, but it does not mean it can’t be done. Once you have done with the application, fill in some glitter in the space of lower lid and apply some matte shade within crease.

Diagonal pattern arabic eyeliner

Cleopatra Triple Flicks:

Her style will remain in trends as well as in memories forever.  You need to draw only two lines below the winged and then make them more compact using matte liner.
Cleopatra triple winged eyeliner

Something Extra-ordinary:

The style combined brows with the liner and surprisingly it has balance to be noticed. The wing has a leaf shaped pointed curve in it which is adding more grace to the application.

Abstract adjacent brow eyeliner


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