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11 Cute Designs for Tattoos on Wrist

Do you want to grab some cute tattoos on wrist? I suggest you to explore my design collection. I’m sure it would be really easy for you to pick one idea. You may get confused after exploring all designs but it is indeed hard to design which design to get and which to skip. I’m going to show off design along with their meanings. So, check my collection now.

1.Apple Logo Tattoo

apple logo black ink

Want to demonstrate your loyalty to Apple devices? You can get its logo design with black ink. This small side bite apple looks really impressive. If you love to use iPhone and can’t go anywhere without it then definitely logo is the right design for you.


  • Appreciation
  • Loyalty to Brand
  • Love

2.Black Flying Birds

black bird tattoo meaning

No matter where we live, we always have a desire to fly like a free bird. It’s indeed impossible to fly as you don’t have wings. But what is possible is to get black ink with little birds design. So, think about it. This design symbolizes your freedom and joy. Some people don’t like to obey, commit, work under someone, etc. This design perfectly shows what they actually want.


  • Freedom
  • high Intelligence
  • Magic
  • Mystery
  • Potential

3.Infinity with Initials tattoos on wrist and ankle

infinity symbol design

If you are in love and want to demonstrate your limitless affection for your partner then you should consider getting an infinity sign along with name initials of you and your partner. This design is quite popular among couples and mostly goes for matching tattoos.


  • No end
  • Limitless love
  • Passion that never ends

4.Crown Tattoos

crown on wrist tattoo

This is the best wrist tattoo idea for girls who consider themselves “Princesses”. Every girl likes to be treated in a special way. She always has some sort of crown on her head. If you want to remember yourself how special you actually are then indeed you need to get crown design ink on your wrist. Whenever you look at it, you will remember what you are; no matter what other think or say.


  • Leadership
  • Power
  • Authority
  • Self-control
  • victory

5.Diamond designed tattoo

diamond tattoo meaning

Another cute idea for wrist ink is diamond. Mainly it represents beauty but actually different people associate diverse meanings to it. You can get black or white design as it looks great but colorful diamonds tattoos also look super amazing. It is good to know that ink meanings will be changed from one color diamond to another.


  • Inner Beauty
  • Clarity
  • Peace
  • purity
  •  Honest light
  •  Invincibility

6.Cute Single Flower

flower tattoos on wrist idea

Girl’s beauty and innocence is aesthetically demonstrated with flower of different colors and kinds. If you need something unique and pretty, it is suggested to go for single flower as it looks really cute on wrist. Try this design and it will adore your appearance to a great extent.


  • Innocence
  • Inner Beauty
  • Love
  • Birth
  • Growth
  • Connection

7.Rainbow Tattoo

rainbow tattoo mean

When you are in darkness due to some reason, or feel lost then it is the right time to bring colors into your life. Boring life can be made super cool with colors of happiness, fun, joy and activities.So, when you miss such colors, paints them on your wrist. It would work as a reminder that you deserve to feel alive, no matter hard path you are moving on.


  • Life
  • Hope
  • Divinity
  • Connection
  • Promise
  • Transformation
  • Initiation

8. A Pointing Arrow

pointing arrow mean direction

Sometimes we miss direction in life and feel lost. It’s good to use pointing arrow tattoo as a symbol of destination direction that we need to follow. This arrow may points toward your goal or aim of life. Whenever you look at it, you will remember what you really have to accomplish.


  • Movement
  • Direction
  • Defense
  • Protection from harm

9.Sailing Boat Tattoo

sailing boat tattoo mean home

It is one of the cutest tattoos on wrist. Boats are used for sailing purpose, it takes you to and from a destination. If you like sailing and traveling then this design is what you need to pick for yourself. If you go deep in meanings then it depicts to find a way to reach at your destination.


  • Home
  • New Journey
  • New Beginning
  • Good Luck
  • Honor
  • Bravery
  • Direction

10.Dotted Line idea

dotted line ink

It is indeed a very unique idea to try for. It doesn’t hold any specific meaning and only a wearer can assign a special meaning to it. It could show a family of five or a group of five friends. But no matter what it means, it looks simply cute on wrist. Isn’t it?


  • Family
  • Friend’s group

11.Think Positive

optimistic tattoo designs

It is indeed a great message that we all need to follow in our life. We can achieve some really good and big even when we are facing problems just by keeping our thinking pattern on positive direction. It’s a fact that when you start thinking negative then it affects your decision and emotion. The outcome of negative thinking is also negative.


  • Be optimistic
  • Hopeful
  • Be on Right path
  • Control on mind in Problem

After digging into these great tattoos on wrist and their meanings, it would be really simple for you to decide which design will be best for you.

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