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How I created 4 Cute and Easy Nail art in 20 minutes

Last week, I got some free time so I decided to try some cute and easy nail art designs. I bought hot red nail polish, so my main intention is to use this color with other shades in beautiful manner. I tried 4 basic yet simple nail designs which can be followed by any beginner of nail art field. I don’t like complex things, so I focus on easy designs. Once I done with designs, I shared them on instagram and I got good response. Many girls appreciate my work, so I decided to share my creative work with my readers.

How I started my nail art job?

I really love red nail paint but I use it occasionally. This color makes a great combination with white and golden. When you look at my design job, you can see that the base of every color is red because this is how I began my beautiful manicure. No doubt, simple red nail paint looks adorable but as we are talking about creative designing then we have to do a bit more work. Let’s explore 6 designs that I created with hot red polish.

1.Polka Dot designs

I love polka dot designing as it always look cute. It is among the basic design and good thing is that it doesn’t want you to spend a lot of time on manicure. Here is how I did this:

polka dot nails

  1. I applied red nail paint and let it dry.
  2. I use nail art dotting tool and white nail polish just for adding cute little dots on my red nails.
  3. I sealed this simple nail design with top coat.

And that’s it. I completed this design in less than 10 minutes. You don’t need to be hurry. Give your nail paint to get fully dried before you proceed to next step.

2.Red and gold Reverse French Manicure

This is another idea that can be followed by any girl. Red and gold nail polishes are required for this purpose.

reverse french manicure idea

cute and easy nail art

How to do nail art?

  1. Apply red nail paint and let it dry.
  2. Apply gold nail polish only on half moon area of your nails.
  3. Apply top coat.

It is just one, two and three kind of nail designing job that brings really remarkable results.

Cute and Easy nail art with Addition of Emerald 

green rhinestone nail

I always keep different nail art accessories handy just to use them from time to time. If you want to amplify beauty effect of red-gold nails then you simply have to do a simple job. Apply a bit of nail glue on the back of emerald style rhinestone, hold it with tweezers and  fix it on your nails. It is indeed very cute and easy nail art decoration idea.

Addition of crystal silver-black rhinestone

We all love rhinestone manicure as it looks quite beautiful. When you want to bring beauty to your nails on a special party, you should use rhinestone. You are able to get stones from Amazon or cosmetic accessories shop. The price of colorful stones is less than one buck but when you add them to your nail design then they seem quite expensive; only when you fix them on beautiful nail design. I added very small size silver-black rhinestone to my gold-red nails for drawing out beauty of my nails.

gold nail art with rhinestone

3.Red and Gold Gradient Nails

It is really cool design idea that you will surely like to follow. Making stripes on your nail seems like a hard task. However, I did the same thing in a really easy way. Here is how to do this.

simple red nails red and gold stripes nail idea beautiful red nails

  1. Apply base coat on your nails.
  2. Now take a soft sponge and make one stripe of gold and another stripe of red nail polish with your nail brushes.
  3. Tap this sponge directly on your nails in an angled way. I wanted to get angled stripes instead of straight one. Dab this sponge one or two time. Don’t worry if colors merged because your purpose is to get gradient nails design.
  4. When you tape sponge on nails then nail paint will also appear on your nail sides, you don’t need to clean it instantly. Just give your nail paint to get dried completely.
  5. Use nail polish remover to clean your nail sides.

Hurrah! You have done beautiful gradient nail designing without much effort. Doesn’t it look cool?

4.Red and Silver Nail Stripes

pretty silver nails

This idea is quite similar to fourth one. You need to follow the same steps but you have to replace golden with silver. Another change you need to make in third step, you have to get straight stripes. Therefore, you should keep your sponge straight not angled when you are tapping polish on your nails. Rest is same and I’m sure it would be quite fun to follow this design idea.

silver nail art idea

This is what I did last week with my red nail polish. I created 6 cute and easy nail art designs. I felt really good once I created these designs and shared them with friends. I got really good response. Their appreciation pushed me to write a complete blog post about my last week creative task. Now it’s your turn to share your comments. Tell me which idea you like and which doesn’t look really good. I explained every step of my nail art job. In case something is unclear then feel free to ask questions, I would be more than happy to answer your queries.

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