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Moms Must Try 17 Different Braids for kids

It is indeed fun  for a mom to make braids of her little princess’ hair. I am here to share 17 different braids for kids. When you explore all ideas then you would surely like to try each idea one by one. It is quite hard for you to decide which idea is the best, because every hairstyle look very beautiful on little girl. Your princess hair length need not to be very long. You can try this styling when she has grown up her hair at least to medium length.So, what you need more? Discover these cool ideas now.

17 Best Ideas of Braids for Kids

1.Triple Lace braid with double buns

triple braids idea

This means you need to create cute little three lace braids with your sweetie hair. When it comes to giving final touch to this style, you need to make two short hair buns- which don’t need to be very clear. Messy touch is good enough.

2.French braided buns

french braids hairstyles for little girls

Divide her hair into five sections and then create cute little French braid of each section. When you done with braiding then combine all braids at one point and turn the lower end section into a tiny hair bun- which always look heart melting.

3.Boho Lace Tide back

boho styling for kids

Need a simple yet cute hairstyle for kids? Try Boho lace braids. You don’t need to wrap all hair. Just do braiding of upper section and leave lower hair open.But what you must have to do is to add some curls that make a fantastic combo with this cute styling.

4.Triple lace braids Directs to One ponytail

braids and ponytails little girl hairstyles

Make a layer of three lace braids, when you reach to the end of head section then it is time to combine these trio braids into one and then lead this style to a ponytail. Always use a cute hair ribbon or kids ponytail for adding extra charm to her innocent face.

5.Chanel Logo braids for kids

chanel brands logo shape braids

When I first look at this hairstyle then first thing that tap on my head was “Chanel logo”. So, I named it in that manner. It is C into C kind of hairstyling. The main idea of this braid is to start braiding from one side and then move it to another side and of course you don’t need to forget crossing both sides braid to create perfect logo look.

6.Cookie Cutter Braid hairstyle

little girls beautiful braids

This is a version of French braids when some hair sections needed to create connected loop. This style is becoming really popular as it looks very cute on little girl. You need to make cookie braids on both sides. As usual, you have to create a small bun of lower hair section.

7.Fancy Party braids

stylish updo for little girls

Are you going to attend a wedding or some special event with your sweetie? Don’t miss this fancy style idea. You need to make pull through braids and then to create this low hair do. Set the braid at lower section with the mean of bobby hair pins. A tiara or other fancy hair accessory will simply add extra beauty to her hair.

8.Triple flower styling

flower braiding hairstyle for little girl

I really love this hairstyle as it looks very beautiful. Turn regular three strands braid into a flower. And  make three little flowers at one side. A bit of waves can be added to her remaining hair, if she has natural straight hair. However, when she has natural curly hair then all you need to add some flower to her aromatic persona.

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