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10 Braided Updo hairstyles to Try on a Party

Want to get super charming appearance on a party? Try some braided updo hairstyles that can definitely bring beauty and style touch to your personality. There is no need to always contact with a hairstyling when you need to visit a party, browse updo ideas below and then try to follow them on an upcoming event. No matter you are going to attend a formal or causal event, you can try these hairstyles. Explore 10 best styling ideas now.

1.French Crown with Donut bun

donut bun hairstyles

I really like to pull off braided crown a it brings super charm to my hairstyle. However, when you have a desire to wear it  on a special occasion then you should make a combo of crown and donut bun. No doubt, this kind of styling is simply amazing. You also need to wrap a simple braid around your bun just like you get a headband accessory.

2.Zipper Braided updo hairstyle

zipper braid and side updo

This hairstyle idea is quite beautiful. If you know how to do zipper braid then this kind of styling won’t be really hard for you. Create a braid and turn your lower hair strands into an updo. Your main focus should be on creating crystal clear zipper as it is the focal point of this hairstyle.

3.Ballerina bun with braid

ballerina bun with lace braid

This is a simple yet cool style idea for girls. All you need to make a ballerina bun by combing hair at the back and pulling them high. But you also need to leave some hair strands just to create a regular three strands that you can wrap around a bun.

4.Messy updo with Dutch braid Circle

messy hair updo with braid

This seems like a very fascinating style idea to me. It has front chic and back messy hair look. It is a kind of casual and formal hairstyling combination. The beauty of this style is a crown that you need to wear from front to sides to back in a complete circle form.A neat round dutch braid hair circle definitely takes some time but once you combine with messy bun, this complete styling would be quite attractive.

5.Dutch Crown with Messy high updo

dutch braid crown ideas

I really like Dutch braided updo as this particular hairstyle seems great all the time. A French braid is flat but dutch braid is quite prominent. When you lose sides of braid then you get a full beauty crown appearance. So, think about this kind of style when you want to look like a diva on a party.

6.Fishtail braided updo hairstyle

messy updo with fishtail braid

This triple tier kind of updo is indeed fascinating. It doesn’t need much time. You need to grab all your hair to create a messy bun. Don’t forget to leave side hair strands for creating messy fishtail braid that you need to wrap around your hairdo. It is good to adore this kind of styling with some delicate hair accessories like hair pin, hair comb, etc.

7.Headband updo

messy fishtail with headband bun

This kind of style is really simple to try for. First of all ,wear a headband and insert your lower hair around this band. This styling has two parts: first part is when you create a low hairdo with the mean of headband and second part comprises of adding a messy fishtail braid on the front side of this styling.

8.Pull Through braid heavy hairdo

pull through hairstyle

Turn your braids into back hair bun. Good thing about this kind of styling is that you would be able to add some extra volume to your overall hairstyle. This seems like a great idea that you should try when you want to create an illusion of heavy hair texture.

9. Twisted hairstyle

twisted bun

This is a kind of fancy hairstyling, that’s mean you can give it a try on wedding ceremony. Twist rope braids need to combine on the back in the form of a hairdo. The beauty of this kind of styling also depends mainly on the cute little hair accessories. Insert little pearl design butterflies just to make your hairstyle stands out in the crowd.

10.Upside down Dutch braided bun

dutch braided updo hairstyles

Would you like to enhance beauty of your style to a great extent? Don’t braid in the normal way, try upside down styling when it comes to Dutch braid. When you reach at the top end, then you should make this style more adorable with a messy bun.

Girls! You have 10 amazing braided updo hairstyle ideas to try for. It is completely your choice to pick an idea that is easy to try. You should prefer to choose one hairstyle that seems the most beautiful. Tell me which idea you love the most.

Image No.2 and 9 Source /Credit : Instagram/braidsbyjordan

Image No. 1,10, 3-8 Source/Credit  :Instagram/anniesforgetmeknots

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