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Braided Hair Ideas for Prom 2015

Before we discuss some of the best braided hair ideas for prom 2015, we must take a look at what the event itself refers to, what kind of impact does it make and how important it is for every teenager.

There is no doubt that the prom night is special as well as memorable for everyone who attends it.  Believe it or not, the memories of this special night are registered in a dairy of life for a long time period. If you have a grandmother who had had a chance to attend a dance party of the senior school you can ask her for the story, she would definitely have something very interesting to share with you. This is not unusual for the teens to ask for a date to their favorite girlfriends, this factor makes this day even more important for everyone. This is not just a time to dance with your favorite mate but it’s also a chance to meet with your partner, with whom a long-term love knot can be tied.

Now let’s talk about fashion and clothing- two elements which are equally important for a nice party either social or informal or business. As for the prom, many boys opt for tuxedos or their special three piece suits whereas teenage girls wear some nice halter outfit with high heels or cocktails with the platforms. The choice for outfits just varies from individual to individual, but it also varies from one institution to another- some schools aren’t allowing their students to wear short length outfits for the sake of the respect. So if you are going to attend an event like this, you’d better read rules and regulations first.

No matter what kind of dress you have chosen to don, the most important thing is your hairstyle, if it’s tacky and dull, you will not be able to leave a lasting impact on your boyfriend’s memories. It’s time to decide what else you want to wear with the outfit, after all you beauty should be as alluring as your dress is.

Here are some best options in braiding just in case you want to have a unique style without having to do much with the curlers and iron machines.  There is no need to wear the waves at all because you can really pull off nice French or fish with the dress with ease.  The hair will not fall in your eyes as you will dance on the floor with your friends or a loved one.

The secret to nice braid is bring out sleekness to the finish in the end which can be obtained from the creams and styling gels.

Crowned Hair:

It’s sleek because the braid covers the front hair like a crown, making it easy for you to attend the party without having to settle down the frizzes or waves after every second. The style is given a nice finish by using hair gel.

Braided hair ideas for prom 2015 (11)

I can bet that you have not seen anything like this. The French braid has been loosened up a bit from the back side and the knots are falling over the head.

Braided hair ideas for prom 2015 (10)

How about this one? This is a side swept version of the braid that is good for oval shaped faces. To make it a complete some nice chignons have been styled in a form of a tail.

Braided hair ideas for prom 2015 (9)

This is a boho style because there are two braiding loops going from the one side to the other side and the rest of hair is being styled by using extensions.

Braided hair ideas for prom 2015 (8)

Unique French:

This is unique because there is a twisted braiding loop styled at the bottom hair just at the point where the knots are finished. Some flowers are accented for a better look.

Braided hair ideas for prom 2015 (7)

Loose Hair Updo:

One simple English style braiding loops is crossing the updo and the front fringes. Everything is just styled perfectly for a prom night.

Braided hair ideas for prom 2015 (6)

All Hair Tied:

If you don’t like your hair to fall into your eyes or if you don’t like waves too much, you can opt for this style. This provides maximum comfort, the front section is styled by crossing hair loops into each other whereas the back hair is tied up in a form chingons which are formed out of pinned braids.

Braided hair ideas for prom 2015 (5)

Some Twirls:

Some nice twisted hair loops won’t make you go any wrong for the event, just decorate the nice flowers in the braid  to be a center of attraction out there.

Braided hair ideas for prom 2015 (4)

Mermaid Inspired Style:

This prom style is very special as well as complicated. To begin with you need to work with one section and then extend the style into several sections (roughly eight sections) to cover up the head.  What you have to do is just stop working on the braid at a certain point and then put all hair together in a tail which is shown tucked on the shoulder.

Braided hair ideas for prom 2015 (3)

The Waterfall:

Though waterfall braid is not a very idea but the way you do it can make a real difference on how you look. No you can notice that there are no waves in it, just the straight bangs.

Braided hair ideas for prom 2015 (2)

Two in one hairstyle:

To achieve this hairstyle, you need to make two twisted braid on the crown side and then take the rest of the hair to make a wrap up ponytail. Once it’s done, you will start weaving the hair by working on a method of wrist band.

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