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23 Cool Blue Eyeshadow Looks for Style Divas

Stylish girls get bored easily with routine makeup and need something new. I am here with 22 Blue eyeshadow looks collection for them. This collection unlocks really amazing ideas for you. No matter what idea you pick from this collection, you would be able to get an ultimate style Diva Look.

Collection of 23 Amazing Blue Eyeshadow Looks

1.Glittery Blue Eyes

If you need a bit of sparkle onto your eyes, you definitely love to grab glittery eyeshadow. This kind of makeup is definitely good for night party.

glittery eye makeup idea


2.Wedding crown with Blue Hue on eyes 


Are you going to attend a wedding ceremony? It’s advisable to grab fantastic charm to your persona with an updo with crown setting. When it comes to makeup, you can look different by blending blue shade on eyes. As you are going to use dark shade on eyes, so keep your lip makeup very light with nude lipstick.

dark blue eye makeup


3.Fairy look makeup

If you want to grab fairy look in an upcoming special college event, follow this idea. All you have to use light blue shade all over your eyes. Swarovski crystals are available in the market. Make good use of these sparkling stones. You can get glossy touch to your eyes with creamy eyeshadow. Such eyeshadow blend well and offer clear makeup.

fairy makeup idea


4.Blue and Brown Mix Makeup

This is simply a great color combination to try. Spread dark or light brown on eyes and use blue shade near to inner eye corners. This color combination is quite unique and makes your makeup looks very fascinating.

brown and blue eye makeup


5.Creamy Blue Eyes with Pink Lips

Another fascinating idea to try with blue eyeshadow is this one. All you have to use creamy glittery shade for your eyes. Define outer v area of your eyes with either brown or black eyeshadow. Pink soft lipstick make a great combination with this sparkling makeup.

creamy blue eyeshadow



6.Blue eyeshadow for Blue eyes

Blue plus blue seems awesome. So, it is good to give this family color a try. You can draw out beauty of your blue eyes simply with blue eyeshadow. Choose a darker shade than your actual eye color to simply remarkable look. You may like to unlock the best colors eyeshadow for blue eyes as well.

blue eye makeup for blue eyes


7.Blue Glittery Eyeshadow with Brown Lips

Another idea of applying glitter eyeshadow is here. Go with light shade of blue. Instead of picking usual pink glossy or matte lipstick, you need to choose soft brown shade. Brown simply compliments your blue beautiful eyes. Also apply a bit of brown light shade on eye crease.

beautiful blue eyes with brown lips


8.Chanel Models  with blue Shade

Girls who want to look like models would love to see blue eye makeup of Chanel Models. There are two options for grabbing fabulous appearance. First option is use black eyeliner with blue sparkling eyeshadow and spread glam on your upper lid. This idea seems great for an upcoming special party. Second option is to use blue eyeliner and eyeshadow; go with winged style eyeliner. This idea seems great for a casual hangout with friends.

blue eyeshadow and eyeliner styles


9.Blue Eye makeup for Brown Eyes

If you want to make your brown eyes pop then go with dashing blue. This color can definitely have great power to turn a simple girl into the most attractive one. If you don’t mind short haircut and unusual hair color, follow this picture as it is.

blue hair blue eyes


10.Blue Eyes with Blue Brows

Another way to copycat model look is to use blue eyeshadow on eyes. This is not the only thing you have to do, another thing is to dye your eyebrows into blue. This way you would be able to grab perfect blue lady look.

blue eyebrowns and eye makeup


11.Soft Blue Eyeshadow makeup

Spread blue color on your lid and blend it. Use bronze or dark brown color for crease definition. You also need to spread a bit of brown close to lower lashes. Use black mascara on eyes. You can go with or without eyeliner. It is completely your personal choice.

glamourous eye makeup blue shade


12.Creamy Blue eye makeup with  red lips

Creamy eyeshadow definitely make it easy for you to blend bold color in a beauty manner on eyelid. So, go with light blue hue. However, don’t keep things light. Amplify your facial persona with hot red lips.

creamy blue eyeshadow with red lips


13.Blue and Silver Beauty

If you need a very unique kind of makeup idea, then check this out. It requires you to dye your eyebrows with white or silver white. Use white shade for black eyelashes. The most amazing part is when you spread blue shade on lid and define your eye beauty with white eyeliner and eye pencil.

blue with white makeup


14.Blue eyes with Purple Lips

This is simply remarkable makeup idea that can be tried by only bold girls. If you have purple or blue hair color, you should spread some colors on your face. Purple matte lipstick is good for lips while blue mix white eyeshadow seems perfect for eyes.

blue and purple eye makeup


15.Black women with blue eye Makeup

Good thing about blue eyeshadow is that it suits to almost everyone. Black women can make their looks glamorous with dark blue eyeshadow. Don’t forget to use a bit of sparkling yellow shade on inner corner of eyes just to add brightness impact on eyes.

black women with blue makeup


16.Glam Eye makeup with Glossy Lips

When you are going to do makeup. You have to focus not only on eyes and lips but also on your face contouring. The main idea is to get the best possible makeup appeal.

glittery eyes makeup



17.Korean Girl with Blue eyes

Blue eyeshadow can definitely enhance beauty of eyes of every girl, no matter where she belongs to. A quick look at this Korean girl makeup makes it clear that girl from any part of world can give a try to this color without thinking for a second.

korean blue eye makeup


18.Mermaid Makeup look

Mermaid lives in ocean, so you definitely have to use blue shade for getting mermaid makeup look.  A light and dark blue with other soft colors can turn your simple eyes into attractive mermaid’s eyes. So, what you need more? Try this fascinating makeup idea. You may like to know how to do Mermaid fantasy makeup.

mermaid makeup ideas


19.Arabic Theme Blue Eye Makeup

This idea requires your time. You are not going to get this look in a quick way. You have to blend white blue and brown eyeshadows.Use silver highlighter near inner corner of your eyes. As you are going to play dark on eyes, it’s always good to use light and soft lipstick shade.

arabic style blue eye makeup


20.Blue and Black Makeup 

You may love to copy this idea, especially when you want to look different in every way. This is indeed not a standard kind of makeup. You can give it your best try on special party. It could be among the best Halloweem makeup ideas Black lips make a good combination with blue eyes having winged style eyeliner.

black lipstick with blue eyes


21.Blue Smoky eye Makeup

Smoky eye makeup is quite popular among girls. But you don’t need to overdo black all the time when you are able to get charming results with blue and black eyeshadow combination. It’s good to use fake lashes along with this kind of makeup.

fantastic blue eyeshadow blend on eyes with false lashes


22.Cool Black Women Makeup for Gray eyes

If you have gray eyes and need a shade for drawing out beauty of this color. In such case, you should go with sparkling blue glittery eyeshadow. This shade doesn’t require much time for blending. Spread soft blue shade on eyes and tap glitter on it.

black eye makeup for black women


23.Glossy Blue Eyes

This is another inspiration from model makeup. Try glossy eyeshadow on your eyes. Instead of separating your lashes, you need to combine a bit of them. This way, you would be able to get perfect glam model look.

glossy blue eyeshadow


Girls! you have explored 23 cool Blue Eyeshadow makeup looks. In this collection, you are able to find not only simple blue makeup idea but also those ideas which you can try on special parties. I would like to get your comments about the best idea. If you have some more ideas, feel free to share them with me.

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