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10 Blonde hair Color ideas for Charming Face

Today, I would like to unlock 10 best blonde hair color ideas that can enhance your hair beauty to a great extent. No matter you have short or long hair, these colors would definitely bring amazing charm to your face. In addition, they will create an enticing frame of face. I’m sure when you explore my color collection then it would be really easy for you to make the right decision of hair color for yourself. Let’s check out ideas now.

rainbow shade for blonde girls hair

1.Fascinating Burgundy or brown

Blonde girls always admire beauty of brunette, so there is no need to admire others when you can grab adorable look for yourself. Full hair with dark brown or burgundy  shade seems a good idea. Like in the picture, you can see clearly how natural short curly hairstyle is made adorable with this shade. If you don’t like to change full hair color then this hue is also good for highlight purpose.

short curly hair

2.Charming Purple Double Effect

I have two great ideas when it comes to this hair color. When you have long hair then it costs you a lot to change complete hair color. In this situation, you can consider ombre hair styles that not only look great but also save your money. You can do ombre in two ways: one way is to dye front to back hair section completely with purple and leaving lower strands as they are. Another way is to leave front to middle hair section blonde and turn remaining section into purple. I have shared two options, it’s up to you to go with one that looks more beautiful.

side rose style for purple hair ombre for blonde girls

3.Sweet Pink Touch

One of the best blonde hair color ideas is pink. As we all know, this color symbolizes girl and her innocent. When you have a desire to look innocent and cute then you should consider this color. Girls with long hair must get beach wavy hairstyle along with this color because this combination always grab attention of all and make you simply attractive.

pink hair idea pink side swept hairstyle

4.Glamorous Fuscia Hue

I really love this color idea and I’m sure many of girls would like to grab it as well. You don’t have to spread it everywhere, leave some strands with your natural colors as well. You can see how beautifully blonde make a lovely combination with fuscia.Once you have this hue in your hair, the next important thing to try charming hairstyles like formal waves and sleek braids.

fuscia wavy hairstyles

5.Superb Blue Charm

So, have you decided to go beyond standard color limit? If yes, then the best way to make your hair look cool is to try blue. Don’t choose very dark shade as they don’t look great. Your task is to pick medium shade that is neither too dark nor too light; try in between shade for getting a classy appearance. The picture gives you an idea how blue sleek bob offer model like touch to a girl.

blonde hair color ideas

6.Turquoise with a bit of Eggplant highlights

Girls with full hair bangs must think about this chic hair color combination. It requires you to turn full hair into turquoise and then add a few highlights of very dark purple shade. No matter what style you get afterwards, it would look quite attractive.

full bangs turquoise hairstyle

7.Aromatic Rose Straight hairstyle 

When you are trying to get stunning look then it would be possible with this fascinating hair color. Redhead might not suit to blonde girls but it doesn’t mean to give up on red. All you need to pick rose shade that is neither too dark nor too light and it is very adorable. A bit of dark black from start would balance your vibrant color to a great extent.

red hair idea

8.Sleek Bubblegum Barbie Style

This hair color inspiration has been taken from Barbie who usually have bubblegum color. If you want to look exactly like a Barbie then definitely you need to try it. This color brings cuteness that you always like to have.

bubblegum shade for hair

9.Terrific Orange Effects

This is a rare shade but once you try it you would like to prefer it on other colors. Interesting thing is that orange make a very nice combination with blonde. So if some strands turn to natural blonde then you don’t need to worry about; your overall hair style will never look odd at all.

orange with blonde highlights color

10.Purple and Turquoise Ombre

Indeed, ombre is the best hair style for blonde but you don’t need to stick with the standard colors. Try something different time to time. Normal is boring and unique makes you attractive. Look at the girl, who have long straight hair with half purple and turquoise colors.Doesn’t it look really fabulous?

purple and zinc hair color

I have shared 10 cool blonde hair color ideas with you. Every color is simply amazing. What you need to do is to pick one that you like the most. Don’t forget to share your comment about the best color.

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