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Pick 10 Best Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes

One thing that many girls forget to note is that if they choose the best colors of eyeshadow for brown eyes then they can do the real magic. It’s a fact that every color is not good for brown eyes, so don’t go for apply all technique because it won’t bring good results. Experimenting with different colors time to time definitely provide you clear idea which color looks perfect on your eyes and which color shouldn’t be used again. But you have to spend time on experiment. If you don’t want to waste your time or need some good color ideas, I suggest you to find out what colors will make your brown eyes pop.

1.Multicolor Eye makeup 

dramatic makeup ideas

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You never know how much beauty can be added to your eyes, when you choose more than one color for your eyes. Check image for getting an idea. The prominent colors are orange-peach on inner eye area, pink and purple for outer-V area of eyes, dark brown for crease, and green-blue for lower lashline. Simply, you have to use around six colors to draw out beauty of your eyes.

2.Apply Brown on Brown Eyes 

light eyeshadow brown eyes

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If you have dark brown eyes then two tone light brown in matte shade can really enhance your eye look. Before you begin with eyes, you should do the face contouring and highlighting. As you are going to draw attention to brown color, so you have to use only family colors for blush-on and lipstick; no need to invite outsider for your graceful makeup party.

3.Peach Smoky Eyes

natural makeup ideas

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I really love peach  as it blends well on my eyes (I also have brown eyes). In addition, this colors doesn’t add darkness impact on eyes, instead it brings the glow and brightness. Try to highlight your crease with dark brown color. When it comes to lip beauty definition, you should opt for nude or pink in matte form.

4.Blue eyes with Purple wings 

blue makeup ideas

Image via inevitable_Kayoss

Do you need something unusual for your night party? It’s advisable to opt for blue and purple color combination that lets your brown eyes to stand out from the crowd. Apply blue on upper lid and define crease with dark purple eyeshadow. What is traditional to use black eye-liner for creating wings on outer-V area of eyes but you don’t need to follow this tradition. Use purple liner or eyeshadow for adding wings to your eyes.

5.Egg-plant and Emerald  Dramatic Makeup look

violet and green

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It’s time to play with vibrant colors such as eggplant and emerald. This color combo is simply fantastic. For adding extra beauty to your makeup look, you need to use false thick eyelashes with integrated stone. Such lashes are commonly available in makeup stores. If you are unable to find them in stores then browse some online stores. Black thick winged style eyeliner adds perfect touch to this brown eye makeup.

6.Natural Green Makeup

lemon and green makeup ideas

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This is a kind of every-day makeup that neither too dramatic nor too simple. All you need to choose lightest shade of green and spread it on your eyes below the crease level. No need to define crease. Keep things light and simple. Spread soft lemon shade on inner-V area of your eyes. Soft pink lipstick should be used to adore your appearance. Again winged style black-eyeliner will add charm to eyes.

7.Matte Blue Eye Makeup

simple light blue makeup

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Blue is the best eyeshadow for brown eyes. You can try different shades of blue but always try to pick dark hue as it blends well and enhance glam to a great extent. Blend blue on eyes, apply matte black eyeliner in winged style and then use eyemascara. Don’t forget to fill waterline with dark black kohl. Baby pinks lippy compliments your blue eye makeup, indeed.

8.Cobalt Vibrant Makeup

blue eyes and nails

Image via iqra_choudhry

Another shade of blue that looks simply amazing on your brown eyes is cobalt. You need to spread this color not only on upper lid but also close to lashline. If you have an eye pencil then this makeup task would become really easy for you. One important thing to do is to add bright white eyeshadow on your inner-V eye area, just to add sparkle.Glossy pink lips will make a right combination with this dark tone makeup.

9.Glittery Blue Eyes with natural lips

dark blue eyeshadow for brown eyes

Image via mistyfox

Adding glitter to your eyes seems like a good idea, pick a glittery blue shade and apply it on your upper lid. Define crease with a light black eyeshadow. Use black eyeliner and apply it close to upper lashline and also use it on half outer area of your lower lashline. As you have dark impact on eyes, it’s good to keep other makeup light; use very natural-looking pink lipstick.

10.Peach Party Makeup

blue and zinc eye makeup

Image via themakeoverlover

It is a perfect party look to grab. You would love to try it because it is quite unique. Apply peach on upper lid and adore lower lashline area with sky-blue and purple eyeshadow. The beauty of your eyes would be enhanced when you apply Arabic style eyeliner after fixing thick false eyelashes.

You have got ideas of best colors of eyeshadow for brown eyes. This information is indeed useful for you because you don’t have to perform any experiment. Makeup task is really simple, choose an eyeshadow color and make your eyes attractive.

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