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Unlock 7 Best Colors of Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes

Want to make your eyes pop? You should always choose the best colors. Today, I’m here to unlock the best colors of eyeshadow for blue eyes. My only intention is to make makeup experience quite comfortable for you. This time when you look at your eyeshadow palette, you don’t have to worry about the outcome of color because you would already know how colors will turn out. So, check what I have for you.

1.Bronze Beauty Look

I really love bronze eyeshadow because it adds sparkle and grace to your eyes in an instant. Don’t go for very light color, instead prefer a smooth and medium hue. Blend eyeshadow with a soft brush. When you are going to get a casual girl look then you shouldn’t spread colors beyond your crease area. Even don’t care about eyeliner, keep things simple. Baby pink lipstick would surely adore your appearance to a great extent.

blended bronze natural makeup

image via kinseycouture99

2.Summer Makeup for blue eyes

During summer, we all need to stick with light eyeshadow because it’s hard to tolerate vibrant colors. So, when you are getting ready for a beach party then you should pick soft pink eyeshadow for your eyes. As far as lips are concerned, you can do perfect matching but always use matte lipstick just to grab a stunning girl look.

soft pink makeup for eyes

image via Marta_hazel

3.Sparkling brown Charm

This eyeshadow can surely make your blue eyes pop in no time. Go for very light brown or bronze shade and then add a bit of sparkle over it. Don’t go for usual pink or brown lipstick instead give a try to fresh orange lipstick that would make your persona simply attractive. Winged style eyeliner is another must for this graceful look.

pretty makeup ideas

image via Lizzie_allure

4.Dark blue Eyes

Do you want to look like a model of fashion runway? If yes then you should choose vibrant blue eyeshadow. This kind of makeup is perfect for night parties when dark colors look fascinating. You don’t have to try this shade on a morning event. As you are making your lips dark and vibrant, so keep your lips very light. Go for light brown or nude lipstick.

dark blue makeup


Image via Holoacademy

5.Dark Maroon Eyes and Lips

Want to add depth factor  into your blue eyes? I suggest you to choose dark maroon eyeshadow. This is indeed an unusual color for your eyes but play with it once and you would surely be really pleased with the outcome. Don’t forget to match your lipstick with eyes.

dark maroon eye makeup

Image via nicholalouise_mua

6.Glittery eye makeup for blue eyes

If you need the best makeup idea for party then I suggest you to follow this style look. First of all, you have to apply powder brown eyeshadow and then to enhance its charm with the mean of brown gold glitter. It’s good to use liquid gel of glitter as it offers more appealing touch to your eyes than that of powder form. Plum pink gloss or lipstick should be used to give this makeup a final charming touch.

bronze eyeshadow for blue eyes


Image via sometimesjenny

7.Dramatic Eye Makeup

Pink is one of the best eyeshadow for blue eyes. If you want to add a bit drama into your overall makeup then you should add sparkling blue eyeshadow which would make an enticing combination with light pink shade. Make black winged style eyeliner. Use glossy pink lipstick to perfectly compliment this pretty makeup look.

blue and pink dramatic makeup

image via poppypolish

After exploring these ideas of best eyeshadow for blue eyes, you don’t have to spend any little time on color selection. You just need to pick the best shade from collection and then to grab the same look just to make your eyes pop.


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