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25 Awe Inspiring Hairstyles for Long Hair Men

If you are wondering as what are awe inspiring hairstyles for long hair men or hairstyles for men with long hair then you needn’t to wonder anymore.I have some good ideas to share with you in this post and I know you will definitely enjoy my collection on men’s long hairstyles because they are really praise worthy.

If you look back at the history and explore some mens hairstyles you will discover that there had always been some limitations implicated on men’s fashion, they were not allowed to wear long styles because these styles were being considered very odd and awkward. In order to be called a well-civilized man he needed to live by the rules set by the society and one of many rules was to wear short haircuts because long ones were considered very taboo.  Today when we watch male models walking on the runways with ease and comfort, sporting long haircuts we realize that fashion has come a long way since 90s and 80s, in many ways. Now people have begun to accept changes in fashion, they have learned to accept people who keep different tastes in styling and haircuts. No more a man is bullied on the street for pulling off a metalhead haircut. If you are in love with grunge style you are free to wear a long hair style and the length of the hair can be anything from few centimeters to 12 centimeters. It’s a big change and we must appreciate industry for changing the minds of people around us.

Now let’s check out some of the best hairstyles for long hair men.

Braiding and Cornrows

You can tame your hair in the best way by wearing braids and cornrows just like black men wear. The braids keep the hair in its good condition for very long time.

Hairstyles for long hair men 1

Ponytail hairstyles for long hair men

I must admit that this is the coolest style that any man can wear, if you really want to look sassy with your long, lush longs then you better find out a way to tame the locks. The more you learn to tame your locks the more sassier you will look. Ponytail brings out a maintained makeover to the overall appearance.Hairstyles for long hair men 2

Textured layers; hairstyles for long hair men

If you have ever craved to grow your hair long then you also need to know that there comes some responsibilities along with long locks, you need to find the ways to get an appropriate cut. Layers can add a good volume to your hairstyle provided that you also know how to maintain the edginess of the cut with proper shampooing and hair conditioning.Hairstyles for long hair men 3

Long straight hair locks

This style does not demand much effort from your side, just wash your hair and keep the hair ends soft by weekly trimming sessions.Hairstyles for long hair men 4

Punk style cut with textures

Adding some symmetry to the style will help you to highlight your facial features such s moustache and beard.Hairstyles for long hair men 5

Not very Gothic yet stylish hairstyle

Go for this style only if you think you can handle it.These locks are not very easy to wash, dry and maintain.Hairstyles for long hair men 6

Tight Cornrows on long hair

If you don’t like washing your hair every other day you can have someone to make wonderful cornrows, they will keep your hair in good shape and condition, they will also eliminate the need for weekly hair trimming and cuttings.Hairstyles for long hair men 7

Center parted style for broad face

Your face shape matters a lot for sure, you should avoid wearing short layers if your face structure is broad like his.Hairstyles for long hair men 8

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