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6 Best Diamond Face Shape Hairstyle Ideas

In most cases, a haircut is decided according to a particular face shape because not all cuts are for all the shapes. If women with long facial frame would wear long bangs they would look odd and less attractive. Therefore, it is necessary as well as important that you pick out the right style for your face.

The cut of each face is different naturally and today we are going to share some diamond face shape hairstyle ideas. Some women are born with high bones, meaning that their cheeks are way more highlighted than that of other facial features. Though this is not the case with all but some do have very high facial bone cheeks that they have to choose a style that can frame the temples to hide broadness of the face.

It’s not easy to choose a hairstyle for diamond face shape but some nice suggestions can help you and many other women make a wise and better decision. Once done, the haircut can’t be undone so here are some nice haircut as well as style ideas that will help you understand what should be get done from a saloon.

If you are looking to review some of the best and most recommended diamond face shape hairstyle ideas, you have come to the right place. I have six presentations to share with you which will definitely give you an inspiration as well as a clue on how to get your hair cut and done.

Dark Above Shoulder Bob:

The purpose is to cover the face in a way that features are less noticeable and more flamboyant. The front is blunt and back hair length is above shoulder which is in other words very short.  The framing is done correctly to cover the broad cheeks. If you love attending parties and hanging out, this one style is good for you.

This is perfect diamond face shape hairstyle idea because it is just in accordance with three rules of cutting which include precise cut, proper distance, and perfect framing.

Razor bob diamond face shape

Long Hair for Diamond face shape:

Some women don’t like extra short hair, they desire for a transformation in their appearance but not a big twist in their personality. Getting short haircut from long hair will get your noticed and many will ask you why did you do it? Some will lift their brows while others will just say nothing in an impression that they dislike your new cut. However, if you keep your hair long but just dye it in a nice color which matches your complexion, it will definitely make you admirable.

blonde bangs diamond face shape

Black Layers and Diamond Face

Where some colors just faint your skin complexion, the family of dark hair dyes will do the reverse- it will amplify the beauty of your facial features and enhance your frame by complimenting the structure of face.
black layers diamond face shape

Perming for Diamond face shape:

Perms haven’t gone out of trends as yet. You can get them done from a good saloon and later style them in chignons for parties or event. People will love your retro make over provided that you are doing it perfectly.

curls diamond face shape

Blunt Cuts: Best diamond face shape hairstyle ideas

Bangs falling into eyes make a good statement about you, besides hiding your age they can also add some grace to your feminine style. The front blunt bangs are also easy to maintain, use your best paddle brush to style the hair and you are done.
blunt bob diamond face shape

For special events, back hair can be tied up in a ponytail or topknot or low do depending upon the outdit you intend to don.
diamond face bowl cut


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