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5 Medium Hairstyles That Celebrities Love

Every girl has a desire to grab celebrity like look. It’s not really hard to grab the look, all you need to give complete focus on your face, health and hairstyles. If you are blessed with charming face then it’s time to change your hair style just to look exactly like a celebrity. Although celebrities wore different hairstyles time to time but 5 medium hairstyles are commonly worn by top celebrities. Let’s check what these hairstyles are.

1.Wrap hair into an updo

Celebrity usually appears on red carpet with fabulous strapless gowns. They adore their appearance and persona with updo hairstyles. When you first look at an updo, you think that it would be really complicated to create it, while it is not the case. You can create any updo at home. All you need to take a close look at updo to understand what actually it is. The most common updos are those where hairs are curled with wand and then set in the form of low or side updo. A combination of French and curls hair do is also becoming popular. A little mess up in your overall style would surely make your look super charming. Another great idea is to add some intricate braids into your style. Fishtail braids are very popular but surely you can pull off a hairstyle with simple three-strand braids. The main idea is to get an updo not to make things complicated.

braid and updo hair

Image via Meagan Tintari

stunning casual curly updo

Image via Erin Everlasting

stylish rolled hair updo

Image via Garann

2.Medium Curly Tresses

Getting some curls is another hairstyle that would give you a chance to get a celebrity like appearance. whjen irt come to curls , you have literally many different options to choose from like loose curls, tight curls, casual curls, formal curls, ringlets, etc. In case you are going to attend 80s theme party then you can make your look super impressive with pin up curls. Beach curly hairstyle is considered as one of the best summer hairstyle as it brings relaxation touch to your face, and this is what you always want to see on your face. In addition, you can add some flirty flame to your persona with this particular medium hairstyle. As far as ringlets and formals curls are concerned, you should pull off this look only on special events like seminars, press events, special meetings or weddings.

medium curly hairstyles

Image via Maegan Tintari

simple curls for girls

Image via Aleera

thick afro curls

Image via Maegan Tintari

3.High Ponytail style

I really love this style because it  is not only very simple but also make you look like a charming girl. Anyone can give it a try. Interestingly, it is good for both casual and formal events. Making a high ponytail isn’t very hard task. All you need to apply hair styling cream thoroughly in the hair and then to untangle your hair. Use hair iron to make your hair sleek and straight. Now gather hair in your hands and make a high ponytail. Secure your hair into an elastic hair band. If you want to get a professional type high ponytail then you need to pull a thin hair strand from your ponytail and wrap it over your elastic hair band. Secure it with a bobby pin.

beautiful high ponytail

image via Michael Kelly 

sleek ponytail hairstyles

image via Muammerokumas

curly high ponytail hairstyles

image via Evil Erin

4.Opt for Soft Layered haircut

If you have natural wavy hair then it is strongly suggested to get a layered haircut because it is among the popular medium hairstyles worn by top celebrities. Many celebs have natural wavy hair such as Selena Gomez, Reese Witherspoon, etc. They like to enhance overall style and beauty of their hair by getting a layered cut. One important thing to note at this point is that you don’t need to opt for very sharp cut. Ask for a soft and stylish cut from your hairstylist. A Sharp razor cut would snatch cuteness factor from your face and you never want this.

medium layered haircut

Image via Hannah Johnson

side bangs and layered cut

Image via Lisa Morrow

layered hairstyles for medium length

Image via Denise Mahoney

5.Don’t miss Bangs

Every second celebrity opts for bangs because it makes a big difference into their style. If you have never tried bangs before then it is right time to do this. You have three main options when it comes to bangs such as full, side and short. Full fringe offer you cute girly look, it also minus some years from your age. Side bangs are indeed amazing ideas for those who want grace and beauty side by sides. When you have layered or bob cut then you can add a little change into your face with the mean of short edgy bangs.

full bangs and soft curls

Image via Rachel Titiriga

red hairstyles

Image Via Helga Weber

stylish layers and side bangs

Image via Denise Mahoney

In short, you have many different medium hairstyles options to try for. No matter what idea you try, you should always know how to style it in a proper way. Casual hairstyling doesn’t want you to over focus on hair creams or gels. But when you need formal look then you should use the best styling cream and hair spray, otherwise you might not achieve the celebrity like look.


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