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5 Easy hairstyles for Medium hair That Change Persona

There are literally many easy hairstyles for medium hair but I would like to share only those hairstyles which look fantastic. In addition, I keep my eye on latest hair fashion and trends, so I always prefer to choose those hairstyles which are quite trendy. There is no need to look old in this new era, so try to pick the latest hair styles instead of vintage ones-which look great on special or theme occasion. So, let’s embrace chic ideas now.

1.Try Soft curls

This kind of styling is indeed look great on medium hair, no matter you have straight or layered cut.This means you need to grab your styling cream and curling iron or wand. Before you start with this kind of styling, make sure that your hair is fresh. In another words, wash your hair and blow dry it. Apply styling cream and then start making soft curls- which doesn’t need to be really perfect. All you need to heat up your hair ,after wrapping around the barrel, just for a few minutes. In case you are going out with friends and want to hold these curls for long hours then you should pour hair spray, once you done with hair curling process.

soft curl medium hair curly hairstyles brunette girl

2.Think about  Low hair Updo

This is one of easy hairstyles for medium hair. This doesn’t want you to put a lot of effort. All you need to do get a headband, styling cream and bobby pins. Comb your hair properly, it means removing all tangles that would come into your hair styling way. Now wear head band. Take one strand and insert it around your lower head band area. One by one wrap strands around lower section of head band. In order to keep them into their place, you should use hair bobby pins. At the ends, use hair spray so this style can stay for some long time, though it bobby pins are enough for this purpose.

easy hairstyles for medium hair

3.Grab Chic Angled Bob haircut

In case you want super chic hairstyle, then I advise you to get a haircut. This long in front and short in the back style is getting really famous all over the world. When you get this haircut then yhou don’t need to spend a lot of time in styling. Just apply hair gel and comb your hair. One thing that makes this style quite appealing for girls is that it is medium length, that’s mean you don’t have to make a compromise on your hair length.

best color for hair front long back short hairstyle


4.Get Side Swept hair bangs

A simple addition of bangs into your medium hairstyles can surely do a great magic. I prefer side bangs as they add extra style into one’s personality. In addition, they don’t bother you during work. Girls like me who has to handle a lot of computer work are unable to try full bangs as they are close to your eyes and seem like obstacle. You find it hard to do work properly with them. So, try side bangs as they are convenient option.Sweep your hair on one side and add a bit of loose waves into your hair. Girls with natural curly or wavy hair, just need bangs. If you have medium straight hair then it’s good to add some waves just to make your personality more impressive.

side hair bangs

side bangs and natural wavy hair

5.Make your hair simply straight

I really love to use hair iron for some special corporate or family events. It’s indeed really easy to do this kind of styling but I don’t do it frequently; heat of hair iron isn’t really good for your hair health and I love my hair. Apply hair styling mousse or cream thoroughly in your hair and then start ironing your hair. If you need shine then try some shiny hair styling serum at the end of hair straightening process. Trust me, this simple style can offer you a model like look. If you want to add some extra charm into this style, then get a layered haircut before you start with your hair iron.

medium layered haircut blonde

make your hair straight

I have shared some easy hairstyles for medium hair, I’m sure you would like to try them whenever you get some chance of enhancing your beauty. Every style is simple yet it has great power to change your overall appearance. Feel free to share your comment about your favorite hairstyle.



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