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3 Simple Hairstyles That Take only 10 Minutes

We all have a lot of tasks to handle every day, so we don’t get a lot of time for hairstyling. But it does not mean to neglect this aspect which definitely affects your overall persona. Try to take good care of your style and beauty while handling routine tasks and duties of your life. Now I know you have limited time for styling, so my job is to share some really hairstyle ideas which not only look wonderful but also take a less than 10 minutes. So, get ready to look simply stylish in your routine life as I have really good ideas for your convenience.

1.Make a High Ponytail

This hairstyle would never take more than 10 minutes. All you need for this kind of style is hair styling cream, flat iron, comb, bobby pins and an elastic ponytail. Take a bit of hair styling product, apply it thoroughly in your hair and now remove tangles with the help of a comb. Take a few hair strands and then start straightening your hair. Now once hair straightening process is completed then all you need to grab all your hair up close to crown section. Make a high ponytail and secure it into an elastic hair band. This kind of styling is simple and easy-to-make. You don’t need any professional help just to look beautiful and attractive, when you can do a wonderful job own your own without spending a cent.

high ponytail for girls with long hair

2.Start Surfing with Beach Waves

It is a casual hairstyle that makes your look simply amazing all the time. Girls with silky straight hair first take a shower and blow dry hair. Apply sea-salt spray and then start taking 2-3 inch messy hair sections into a medium size curling iron. You need to only wrap hair section around wand. No need to move wand up. Once curling is done, you need to separate your hair with finger comb and apply hair spray at the end. Girls with natural waves would be able to create beautiful beach wavy hairstyle quite easily. All you need to make a small bun by twisting your hair. Secure bun with an elastic hair band. Apply hair spray on your bun. After 10 minutes, you need to open your hair bun and you would feel indeed great to see the results. If any hair section doesn’t get proper waves then you only need to use a curling iron. Don’t forget to add extra texture to your wavy hairstyle with a sea-salt hair spray. One important thing that you need to keep in mind this style should not need to be really perfect, so don’t start off your styling if something seems messy or extra casual.

casual beach wavy hairstyle

medium beach wavy hairstyle for girls


3.Opt for Side Three-Strand Braid Hairstyle

Girls who don’t want their hair to  mess up with their routine task would surely like this idea of hairstyling. All they need to make a simple three strand braid. There is literally no need to use any hair styling product or hair spray. You can go simply natural with this particular hairstyle. Grab all your hair at one side of your shoulder either left or right; choice is completely yours.Comb your hair and detangle strands. Now start making braid by diving hair into three equal sections: left, middle and right. It is a classic plait hairstyle idea to try whenever you want to look simply amazing.

messy three strand braid hair


make classic plait

side simple three strand braid hairstyle

simple side three strand braid hairstyles

Girls! It is really important to pay equal attention to your health, beauty, home and career. So, always advisable to do a bit of styling every day by following these 3 simple hairstyles that don’t take much time.


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