Month: October 2015

blue easy nail designs

4 Step by Step Nail art Designs That Only Take 5 Minutes

Are you a newbie to manicure? I would like to share 4 easy step by step nail art designs with you. This designs are quite simple and follow and don’t require any kind of professional skill. Read More

yellow faux hawk hairstyle

Punk hairstyles Perfect for Funky Girls

Being a girl means you have a lot of styling and fashion options to choose from. There is no need to always follow common styling when punk hairstyles let you stand out from the crowd. Read More

engagement nail design pink

Graceful Nail Art Patterns

Doing nail art at home is a lot of fun because it is a kind of way to kill the time in the most productive style ever, you do creative drawings alongside learning some useful techniques. Believe it or not, we all have a good talent for nail designing and drawing, it is just that we need to give it enough time to get perfection and experience. Read More

braid on braid gray hair

Unique Braiding Ideas For Beautiful Girls

It’s not a surprise to see how much young girls are enthusiastic about their facial beauty, hairstyling and clothing in general because these blooming flowers look more colorful when they are taken care of. If a girl is focusing more on improving her beauty and body expressions it’s good for her. Of course you take benefit from personal grooming in many ways; you are taken as a caring person and people respect you for your being sober or well-dressed.  Read More

3D purple eye tattoo

Don’t Miss Meaningful Tattoos for Arm

Having a marking on anywhere else on the body expresses your persona in one way or other,  it secretly shows off your inner side to the world by clearly approving you keep a kind of sense: good or bad in general. It’s not bad to show what you have inside or outside but whatever you mark on the body must have some meanings or messages (at least nice and optimistic ones) to convey to others. Read More

spider eyemakeup step 10

DIY Spider Eye Makeup for Beginners

Halloween is going to knock on our doors soon and everyone is preparing for this special yearly event because it is special and energetic. Giving someone a freak or getting freak are two important aspects of the day that cannot be ignored. People of all ages don horrifying, theme-related outfits to scare others and they have fun out on the day when they observe others wearing the same kind of outfits but of different themes. Read More

blue nails with white floral design

5 Easy Nail Art Designs for Beginners

Today, I’m going to unlock 5 easy nail art designs for beginners. When you take your first step toward manicure field, then every little thing looks a bit complicated. Read More

curly hairstyles brunette girl

5 Easy hairstyles for Medium hair That Change Persona

There are literally many easy hairstyles for medium hair but I would like to share only those hairstyles which look fantastic. In addition, I keep my eye on latest hair fashion and trends, so I always prefer to choose those hairstyles which are quite trendy. Read More

red French manicure with silver touch

How to Add Charm to Red French Manicure

Red French manicure is alwaya tried by girls on special night party , date night, christmas and Halloween. Adoring your nail tip with red nail paint is quite simple idea. You should try to add an extra charm into this design. If you do not know how to do this then I am here to unlock some great ideas for you. Every idea is simple and easy-to-adopt. Let’s check them now. Read More

Top 5 angry birds features

Top 5 Angry Birds Features Make you Game Addict

I played Angry Birds almost three months ago but I successfully completed its all episodes two years ago.I This game comes with many features but I would like to share top 5 Angry Birds features that drive every player really crazy. Read More

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