Month: September 2015

semi razor waves side hairstyle

Get Bold Look with Women Hair Tattoo Designs, hair tattoos for women

Need a unique hair styling idea? It’s time to consider getting hair tattoo designs. In order to get a tattoo, you need to shave some area of your head. I am going to share brilliant hair tattoos for women. Read More

side swept chignon for wedding

Elegant Wedding Hairstyles for Red Haired Brides

Wedding is a special day for you and your groom and for those who will attend it.  It’s not hard to guess that you want to look your best on this special day because your dream will come true and you would finally be in someone’s patronage- one with whom you will share your love, grief and everything for the rest of your life.  Read More

side shaved head with a hair updo

15 Long and Short Shaved hairstyles That Rock the World

Want to add a charm factor into your hair? It’s time to start exploring long and short shaved hairstyles. After discovering my collection of styles, you would be able to know how to grab cool girl look easily by shaving your head in many different ways. Read More

slicked hairstyle thick hair

Messy and Sassy Hairstyles for Thick Hair 2015

Your hair texture can determine whether or not a particular cut be able to make a statement for your personality, style and body expression. Fortunately, some women are born with naturally long, lush thick hair which is very difficult to handle. Read More

teenage girl fishtail hairstyles

Sober and Sumptuous Hairstyles for Teenage Girls

I am going to emphasis more on the phrase ‘Sober and sumptuous hairstyles for teenager girls’ because it is very much important what they pull off and whether it is appropriate or not for their age. Read More

brunette hairstyle

10 Age Reversing Haircuts for Women over 50

Every woman has a right to look beautiful, no matter what her age is. So, I’m here with some beautiful ideas of haircuts for women over 50. Read More

disco punk eyeliner style

Different Types of Eyeliner Styles

I have always tried to come up with different types of eyeliner styles but I am glad that I don’t have to work much on this part because the makeup artists are making it easy for me already. We all learn to put on the liner along the upper eyelids at one or another point of our life-especially when we grow enough to wear makeup to the school and college. When we step into puberty we try to learn more of makeup techniques just to look beautiful, nice and more beautiful. Read More

short guy haircuts (5)

Let’s Review some of the Best Short Guy Haircuts

Though there are tens of ideas on short guy haircuts on the internet but sometimes you just have to flip through many websites to find out the perfect one because the kind of the style you look for is almost nowhere to be found even in the pile of all the posts you read. Read More

party hairstyles for kids (6)

Perfect and Simple Idea for Party Hairstyles for Kids

Our little fellows are usually very excited about upcoming parties and events because they enjoy attending it and meeting with their close friends and class mates there. The party is a perfect hangout for them because they just love wandering around freely, giggling at innocent jokes and chewing on the finest foods of their choice. Read More

women shaving head bald

Fashion Forward Women Shaving head Bald

Fashion follower always tries to be on style path, no matter what they have to do. Every year lots of women shaving head bald due to many different reasons, but one main reason is fashion. Read More

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